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About Me



If you’re interested in the person behind the work, please check out some randomly chosen photos of people and places dear to me and have a read through my bio!

I'm Emma, the hands behind ‘Oh My’ and a Manxy living in Manchester. This year we moved to the suburbs of Manchester and welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world in August, so Matt, Nero our Irish Setter, Harry and I are living in a happy little newborn bubble!

A little more about me, I went to college to study art and design for a couple of years after school. Moved on to Uni afterwards but it wasn't for me. I'm a home bird at heart and moving to Kent a week after my 18th birthday was all a bit much. ⠀

I went home to the Isle of Man, took an office job where I met most of my best friends and in 2014 met Matt. When he proposed in 2016, the suppressed maker in me came screaming out when there were no invitations I liked, none! So I bought a letterpress (I can be rather impulsive at times!) and a macbook and I have never looked back. I wouldn't be here loving life and in charge of my own destiny if it hadn't been for a chance encounter with an old teacher, who encouraged me to follow my passion and take the plunge.

Matt and I got married in 2018, by which time I'd joined forces with the wonderful Heidi at The Flower Studio to form She Event Styling. We created such a beautiful day that I still get the blues sometimes that it's over. The last year has been a whirlwind - marriage, overseas move (Isle of Man to UK, it's over a small sea!), job change for Matt, becoming homeowners and a expanding our family. Busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!⠀

I absolutely adore meeting new couples who are on the same exciting journey that I was couple of years ago. Bespoke wedding work is my absolute favourite thing to do and designing a suite of invitations which screams personality and reflects the couple as individuals as well as their relationship is always a challenge I love jumping into.

As well as a good wedding I also love the ad-hoc nature of my job - branding for an emerging doggy treat, or architect and construction company? Tick! Special lyrics written beautifully to be tattooed forever on someones body? Tick!

Hopefully if you’ve found your way here, you’ll already know that my style is modern and design-led. Calligraphy, typography, illustration and unusual materials. No lace or diamantes around here! I’m always looking for excuses to use new materials, checking up on emerging trends and generally making sure I’m ahead of the crowd.

Being a creative Virgo I’m a stickler for details. Every. Detail. Matters. That’s my mentality and I’m always in pursuit of perfection. I don’t settle for anything that isn’t up to my own standards, as no bride or groom to be should. This day is all about you and my job is to take away the stress of the invitations and stationery - a job I do pretty well if I do say so myself.

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